List of Authorized Reseller
Authorized Reseller

Below is the list of official Facebook page, Instagram, Whatsapp No. and Authorized Reseller & Agent.

We will be not be responsible if you deal with other seller which is not listed below:


Official Facebook page: 


Sifubeg Apparel

Mighty Wealth Resources

The Murah Gila Company

Beg Hensem

Beg Hensem 2.0

Top Fabulous Enterprise

Murah Gila Rezeki

MR Hensem

Mighty Wealth

MW Rezeki Sdn Bhd

MW Rezeki

Senang Sempoi Macho

Clutch Hensem

Kasut 31

Wak Sifubeg

Project UJ

Wak Sakawi



Official Instagram:






Official Whatsapp No.:

+60182809938 (Hidayah)

+601137301728 (Lutfi)

+60165852271 (Lutfi)

+601126095209  (Lutfi)

+60196337857 (Lutfi)

+60112605209 (Hakim)

+601162826328 (Henry)




Authorized Dealer:


FB page: Street Vapor Syndicate

Instagram: streetvaporsyndicate


FB page: G&T Kajang




Authorized Premium Reseller:

FB page: Beg Karisma Superb

WhatsApp No.: +601128118201


Instagram: tokanbeg.kl

WhatsApp No.: +60128066046


FB page: Dux_xel

Instagram: Dux_xel

WhatsApp No.:  +60133073752


FB page:


WhatsApp No.:+60126453513


Instagram: telltheboysco.bag

WhatsApp No.: +601110120425


FB page: Taukeh Pouch Bag
WhatsApp No.:+60107033104


 Kuching, Sarawak

FB page: bag lelaki murah

Instagram: bag lelaki murah 2019

WhatsApp No.: +60193726395


Besut, Terengganu

Instagram: begmantap

WhatsApp No.: +60189068957


JB / Muar / Batu Pahat / Shah Alam

FB page:


WhatsApp No.: +60183244452


Kajang, Selangor

FB page: Wak Bagasi - Bags & Packs

Instagram: wak.bagasi

WhatsApp No.: +60183709180


Instagram: tokanbeg.kl

WhatsApp No.: +60128066046


FB page: Ori G Shop!
Shopee: Ori G Shop!
Instagram: 0rigshop
WhatsApp No.:+60193796595



Jasin, Melaka

FB: Fadly Iryana(sharefb)

FB page: Fadly Iryana

Instagram: fadlyiryana

WhatsApp No.: +60127644062


+601121938986 (Liza)

+60183230259 (Shimi)

+60183960688 (Ira)



Authorized Agent:


Gombak, Selangor

FB page:


WhatsApp No.: +601151305215


FB page: Myshoperb 
WhatsApp No.: +601152380086